How Sustainability can Help Your Organization

How Sustainability can Help Your Organization

Contrary to popular belief, sustainability is more than just environmentalism, and recognizes the roles of social and economic dimensions in delivering long-term prosperity. Nokomis Energy believes sustainability is a growing priority to business leaders, with many companies actively integrating sustainability principles into their organizations. Sustainability should not detract from your goals but instead, bring more clarity to everyone in your organization.

Attention to sustainability has been driven by several factors, including changing consumer expectations and a growing environmental awareness across the globe.  As such, sustainable business activities have the power to engage consumers, enhance operations and deliver value to an organization’s bottom line.

Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

Detractors of sustainability claim that sustainable business practices eat into corporate profit. At Nokomis Energy, we believe, the development of sustainable business practices lends itself to efficient operation that streamlines effort and conserves resources, which enhances employee productivity and reduces cost. Reducing cost also encompasses energy procurement. With the availability of onsite energy generation, organizations can now control their own costs and destiny in the ever-changing energy marketplace.

These savings come every day to Nokomis Energy clients. We have community solar subscribers saving $65,000 annually. We have schools saving money on their utility bill that equals a teacher’s salary.  Whether your vision for energy savings and procurement is short term or long term, we have options available to you.

Attracting Top Talent & Investors

We understand people like to be associated with the positive, especially younger generations raised on a steady diet of environmental protection messages. They do not want to be linked to companies implicated in ecological disasters and social welfare scandals. Show your company as respectful of the environment and of its employees and it will attract the caliber of people whom you want to employ and the funds your business needs to expand. Nokomis Energy sees it firsthand with manufacturing clients looking to standout when attracting management and frontline workers.

They want a story that invigorates recruiting and tells their investors they are upstanding corporate citizens. Coupled with the offering of volunteering opportunities, this sense of purpose is credited with engaging and attracting talent, particularly millennials who increasingly want to work for companies that do good.

A solar energy project can do just that. By building an onsite, solar parking canopy or roof mounted system, you send a noticeable message to your audience that you are committed and engaged with the future, clean energy driven world.

Improve Your Brand & Competitive Advantage

Goodwill is an incredibly valuable business asset. What is more, it has become a staple in society as accountability and transparency rise in importance. Organizations are expected to demonstrate their social purpose to stakeholders.

This includes customers, who want more than affordability; they are increasingly seeking products and services that positively impact the society and the environment. Surveying more than 53,000 U.S. consumers, the Natural Marketing Institute discovered that 58 percent of consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment in considering where to purchase goods and services and are more likely to purchase from companies that practice sustainable habits. That translates into a client base of 68 million Americans who are favorably predisposed to companies showing positive track records in personal, social, and environmental values.

The City of Farmington subscribed to Nokomis Energy Community solar gardens to demonstrate to their citizens that they are committed to cost-saving, environmental change. The city is expected to save $293,000 with community solar.

Increase Business Ability to Comply with Regulation

With all the discussion regarding climate change, dwindling energy resources, and environmental impact, it is no surprise that state and federal government agencies are enacting regulations to protect the environment. Integrating sustainability into your business will position it to meet changing regulations in a timely manner. Whether you are looking for RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) or to reduce your GHG emissions, Nokomis Energy can provide you with options that can accomplish your goals.

Leadership needs to Lead

Strong leadership is the difference between playing in the bush league and the big league. It is therefore up to business leaders to instill a sustainable workplace culture within their organizations from the top down.

With so much potential value to be gained, leaders must take active roles within their organizations to demonstrate the importance of sustainability in driving business success. They must make available the tools, technology, information, and training to achieve results that engage and motivate their teams. Nokomis Energy can help you do just that.


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