Austin Northagen

Legal Extern

Austin has spent his young career in various legal departments doing environmental work and utility scale renewable energy projects. His experience includes drafting and executing transactional legal work and assisting in litigation preparation with various attorneys. His focus here at Nokomis Energy is primarily assisting the general counsel and partners with on-going disputes through regulatory and legal research.

Why do you work in clean energy?
I work in clean energy because my personal interests align with the mission and purpose behind clean energy. More specifically, I want to contribute to the clean energy transition to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the impact of climate change in my lifetime.

What is the coolest part of your job?
The coolest part of my job at Nokomis Energy is learning the current laws and regulations that support the clean energy transition. Specifically, learning the legal process on how the Minnesota public utilities commission and Xcel Energy integrate clean energy generation into Minnesota’s pool of electricity.


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