Blake Johnson

Project Developer

Blake began his career gaining experience in geospatial database management and
title research. He took his initial step into the renewable energy industry working in
site acquisition for a national wind and solar development company. His experience
includes landowner and community relations, lease and easement drafting, GIS data
management and mapping, and early-stage project permitting. His focus here at
Nokomis Energy is primarily on developing solar projects from origination through
financing NTP.

Why do you work in clean energy?
I always wanted to work in a field that I felt made a difference and would make me and my family proud. I love being able to talk about my career and know that I am making a positive impact on this planet.

What is the coolest part of your job?
I think the coolest thing must be working in an industry that is evolving so rapidly. With so many governments and corporations pushing lofty renewables goals, it is forcing the industry to reach greater heights at a faster pace.


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