How We Can Help

Many of our clients have specific goals established. Others have ideas of what they want to accomplish but need assistance in understanding their options.  Nokomis Energy will walk you through the process and help you achieve your goals with off-site and on-site energy solutions.

Solar Subscription

Reduce your electricity costs without reducing your consumption by subscribing to community solar. No upfront costs and no changes to your home or facility.
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On-Site Solar

Reduce your energy costs, eliminate energy cost volatility, and enhance your own sustainability efforts by providing a tangible energy asset of your own.
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Solar for Utilities

With optimal project siting and improved economies of scale, we provide utilities with distribution-level solar generation that fits their unique needs.
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Nokomis Energy exists to accelerate local energy adoption.


Spread access to stable
and low-cost energy


Create sustainable
energy sources


Improve community


Contribute to the
local economy

Energy that Fits Your Community

Whether your local energy project is just getting started, or already well on its way,
our team of experts will help you overcome your challenges and get to the finish line.

Spend Too Much On Energy?
We can walk you through the options (onsite or offsite) of the new marketplace of distributed energy.

Bring Solar to Your Community
We can help craft an action plan or
a community solar program.

Have Sustainability Goals?
Many businesses and municipalities have a plan in place to move to alternative energy onsite.

View Your Energy Options
You now have a choice where your energy comes from. Contact us, let’s work together.


Nokomis Energy is a Minneapolis based energy developer with a mission to accelerate local energy adoption through equitable partnerships. Our approach is predicated on creating value for all stakeholders involved in a project. We specialize in understanding the full development process from origination, to technology, to long-term operation.

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Community Story: Frandsen Bank & Trust

• Will save +$234,000 with Community Solar
• No Changes to their Facilities
• No Upfront Costs