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Clean Energy is a revolution happening right now.  It has the capacity to change everything about how our society operates.  At Nokomis Energy, we’re driven to harness this potential to deliver a higher quality, lower cost way of living for our communities.  We do this by focusing intensely on how to bring projects to life: who are the stakeholders and what benefits are available to them.  We’re developers and project managers day to day, but at heart we’re entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to solving the most impossible-seeming tasks.  Are you interested in helping lead the transition to a clean energy future?


We’re always looking for people who are excited to change the world. Whether you think you’re a good fit or just want to explore your ideas, check out the links below and schedule some time to chat with us.



Project development is at the heart of deploying clean energy.  Part sales, part engineering, part regulatory and part sheer will power, developers take ideas and bring them to the brink of reality.

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Project management is the key to scaling clean energy.  If you love people; running a process; bouncing between contracts, designs and job sites; and you’re not afraid to tell everyone when they’re failing, then what are you waiting for?!

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You can’t build clean energy projects without money! As projects reach major milestones, you want the cash ready so you can keep running fast. Managing the needs of multiple financiers and getting your development team to deliver? That’s what makes a development shop tick.

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Are you interested in working in clean energy? Do you have a passion to fulfill tasks set out by supervisors from several departments? Attend meetings and take minutes. Perform research at a supervisor’s request. We want to hear from you. Create your own job here at Nokomis Energy.

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