Find Your Role in the Clean Energy Transition

Clean Energy is a revolution happening right now.  It has the capacity to change everything about how our society operates.  At Nokomis Energy, we’re driven to harness this potential to deliver a higher quality, lower cost way of living for our communities.  And we need the best talent to help get us there.

In addition to our current openings, there are some positions that are always open to good candidates.  If you’re an experienced Business Developer or Project Developer we’d love to hear from you.  The Nokomis Development Platform is designed to scale to meet the needs of the opportunities that you are capable of originating.  Let’s connect and see if we’re the right team to support the hard work you do every day.

And if you’ve never worked in Clean Energy before but are thinking this could be the right career, that’s awesome. We’d love to see you make the jump and perhaps we’ve got a spot for you too.


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