Matt Privratsky

Matt PrivratskyDirector, Government Affairs

Matt Privratsky

Director, Government Affairs

Matt has more than a decade of experience in journalism, public policy, and government affairs roles in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He’s worked on energy issues across Minnesota, including leading lobbying efforts at the State Capitol and partnering in local and statewide campaigns. His focus at Nokomis is working with state and local governments, utilities, and key stakeholders to bring more clean energy to communities across the region.

Why do you work in clean energy?
Minnesota has been a leader on clean energy for decades. We were one of the first states to pass a renewable energy standard, we have the nation’s leading community solar program, and many of the most successful clean energy businesses on the entire continent are based in Minnesota. But to meet our climate goals we know we have to so much more. As other segments of the economy get electrified, it will only drive even more demand for solar and other clean energy. I want to be part of making those ambitious clean energy goals and climate demands a reality.

What is the coolest part of your job?
So many people on the Nokomis team are the absolute best at what they do. Being able to learn from them day in and day out is easily one of the coolest parts of this job.


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